analog ruins

by Analog Ruins

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Britta: dr, Lane: git + voc, jb: git + voc, Tanja: bass + voc.
Recorded by Roger Buna, MyRecording in January 2014.
Mixed by Roger Buna, MyRecording.
Mastered by Daniel Husayn, North London Bomb Factory.


released August 1, 2015

past shows:
26.05.2017 München @Kafe Kult w/ guns 'n´ gänseblümchen, GrGr
25.05.2017 Potsdam @Rechenzentrum w/ guns 'n´ gänseblümchen
22.04.17 Kiel @Hansa 48 w/ lily havoc
21.04.17 Hamburg @Störte w/ lily havoc and kaput krauts
17.12.16 Berlin @ Subversiv w/ lambs and dørtebeker
16.12.16 Leipzig @ zxrx w/ lambs and dørtebeker
15.12.16 Hannover @ Sturmglocke w/ lambs and dørtebeker
18.06.16 Essen @ Alibii w/ lily havoc and blutiger jupiter
17.06.16 Köln @ Bauwagenplatz Wem Gehört Die Welt w/ lily havoc
16.06.16 Tübingen @ Lu15 w/ GrGr
14.06.16 Freiburg @ Slow Club
12.06.16 Berlin @ Bei Ruth w/ erring soda and gegenüber
11.06.16 Leipzig @ b12 w/ errring soda
10.06.16 Kassel @ Das Haus im Exil/CL
09.06.16 Hamburg @ Linker Laden w/ terz
03.06.16 Neu Tramm @ Raum 2 w/ postford
20.05.16 Bremen @ Sportamt PURPLE SCARE RELEASE PARTY w/ latent genervt
30.04.16 Heidelberg @ 19. Antifaschistisches Straßenfest
16.04.16 Bremen @ Spedition ZAKK-Soli w/ ickiyui and schadensersatz in form von gerümpel
12.03.16 Zürich @ Blaus Huus Kochareal w/ terz
09.03.16 Mainz @ Haus Mainusch w/ afor gashum
05.03.16 Meuchefitz @ Schweinestall w/ guns 'n' gänseblümchen
13.11.15 Bremen @ G18 w/ erring soda
12.9.15 Oldenburg @ Alhambra w/ la casa fantom
5.9.15 Ohlendorf @ Hofspektakel w/ krumme sachen kvartett and caudawelsh
22.8.15 Berlin @ Bei Ruth /w guns´n´gänseblümchen
21.8.15 Leipzig @ Erythrosin /w guns´n´gänseblümchen and fljora
20.8.15 Nürnberg @ Zentralcafé/ Musikverein im K4 w/ Kenny Kenny Oh Oh
18.8.15 Wien @ Rhiz w/ Aivery
16.8.15 Erlangen @ Juz w/ jungbluth
15.8.15 Frankfurt @ Exzess w/ guns´n´gänseblümchen
14.8.15 Marburg @ Havanna 8 w/ guns 'n' gänseblümchen
13.8.15 Köln @ AZ Köln w/ Naive
1.8.15 Lady*fest Kassel
2.5.15 Berlin - Bei Ruth / with friend crush and gewehrmutter
1.5.15 Potsdam - Paste / with friend crush
30.4.15 Leipzig - Erythrosin / with friend crush
6.4.15 Bremen - Sportamt/ with Caves
4.4.15 Hannover - Sturmglocke / with Static Me & Naive
2.4.15 Hamburg - Linker Laden
30.1.15 Oldenburg - Alhambra / with Rae Spoon
9.6.14 Bremen - Wagenplatz Lesum
23.11.13 Bremen - Spedition / with Schwervon!
21.11.13 Oldenburg - Alhambra / with Schwervon!
2.10.13 Bremen - SWH / with Big Eyes



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Analog Ruins Bremen, Germany

next shows:

Mühlheim tba

Köln tba

28.or 29.07.2017
@AJUCA tba

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Track Name: addiction
is it fun - I don't care
I need you now - feels good or not
simple patterns - colours fade
nasty thoughts - don't think of it now

is it bad? - I don't care
I wanna feel it - feels good or not
it's all blurred - colours fade
it's all mine - don't think of it now

addiction takes control
I have nowhere to go
it's stupid, what's it worth?
it's nothing, but everything to me
at that very moment I don't care
Track Name: this isn't fate
every morning when you wake up, decide:
get out, make a plan and see what you like
there are so many things that you haven´t done yet
and on the other hand experiences you´ll never forget
while you are on the run to find out what you like,
so much nasty stuff still stealing your time
a so called random touch, when you are standing in line
hope that if you listen now, you won´t at least not deny

don´t you ever step on my mind
don´t you ever think that you can decide what feels alright for anyone except yourself
and won´t you please, please spare me your advice
if it just turns out to be another hurtful surprise

every slap to your face by a spoken word lets you know that this isn´t right
every road that you walk that doesn´t feel safe lets you know that it´s hard to decide
every time you get scared, you will realize that this isn´t fate
when every dream feels like the end of the road you´ll realize that this isn´t fate

every time you search for places that are not of this kind
you look in every nook and cranny, but there are still few to find
when you are feeling supersonic which you haven´t done yet
at the next corner someone is waiting, gonna try to hold you back
I ´d like to ask an awkward query that got stuck in my mind:
why do you have to come so close in the supermarket checkout line?
guess this explanation is gonna keep me up all night
I am so damn bored to struggle that fight
Track Name: it does not hurt now
misery is waiting
like a tornado
hands still cold now shaking
you've waited too long

is there something returning
superficial numbness
it's on the inside

is there something returning?
it has been there all the time
while we carry the ship to land
water comes

and it does not hurt now
but will then
so please, please, please
let's make it go away
Track Name: society needs your love
so you're making me crawl again
everytime I look at you you're worse
does it make you feel good
to see me depressed
and if so what's the sense of it?

now you're really taking your chance
and I feel like there is no defence
you're bringing me down
you're taking me all the way there
and I think that there is no return

simple steps are to be taken
you don't need someone to hate
I know this analysis is way too crude
but sometimes life's just not that complex

like a big hole that doesn´t have a heart
a love affair that will never start
or lovesickness that doesn´t know a name
and it won´t stop now and it won´t stop then

there is nothing that can justify
misery as awareness of life
all these feelings, how can you restrain?
and what will be the end of the game?
….when there is no one to blame
Track Name: smooth little tigers
for whom do we act like this?
we are serial ones
easy to attack
for whom do we look like we do?
beautiful ones
external dreams

we are smooth little tigers
see how I am
we conform ourselves
to a world we rather deny
we are smooth little tigers
see how I am
when I look into the mirror
I see how confused I am

and what about you?
do you feel the same?
and in the end
do you have a story to tell?

so why
do we act like this?
„beautiful one“ you said
easy to attack
and why do we waste our time?
we´re serial ones
but we have various minds

and than we planned an escape!!
forget all that they used to say
just know we´ll have nothing to fear!
...but what was this?
we are smooth little tigers
on our way
and we were searching for a different world
where we could stay
smooth little tigers
on our way
we were searching for a different place
just a little late
and what about you?
do you want the same?
at least in the end
you would have a story to tell!
smooth little tigers
smooth little tigers
we were just waiting for the special moment
to lift off
smooth little tigers
smooth little tigers
we were planning exactly
our trip to escape
smooth little tigers
smooth little tigers
and in the end...
don´t be sad!
in the end...
smooth little tigers
smooth little tigers
and in the end...
I don´t want to say it:
in the end...
I guess we stayed
Track Name: sure regression
and I turn to you
can you find a way?
you keep it in your pocket
keeping it away from me
why is everything so conventional?
how come everyone is so naive?
seems they even like to play these roles
seems they even like this stupid game
when I walk along the street
frustration cause I meet
all these people who like the way they are
all these people who think they are good
parts and bits in every corner
world as a large hamburger
drinks and laughter and repression
men and wives
and sure regression
Track Name: backup of your nightmares
empty promises of improvements are made up every day
an event of dire portent: things will never turn out that way

delete the backup of your nightmares
even though you´re scared they fade away
since society is all messed up
we are going different ways
we will not go tomorrow, we will just start today
we keep pushing things forward
never ask whether it´s too late

when things have been decided
will they ever turn out that way?
since society is all messed up
we are going different ways
we are drifting rather slowly
cause we´re scared to fade away
we keep pushing things forward
never ask whether it´s too late

deep down in your heart you know what keeps you up all night
never ending stories and you can´t sustain the frames
no doubt it´s not imagination, nor a rope of sand
all the time you keep wondering whether this will ever end